EAGLE Single

The Eagle Single is Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approved. The Eagle Single converts a Bell 212 to a single engine helicopter. The Eagle Single program currently has over 10,000 operational hours with NO issuance of Service Bulletins & Airworthiness Directives. The helicopter is very quickly developing its niche in the market place.

Benefits of the Eagle Single:

- Still a large demand for single engine medium helicopters

- Availability of Bell 212 variants, Bell produced only 400 Bell 205's and over 4,000 Bell 212's Common Bell 212 part numbers

- Greater selection of after-market accessories

- Enhanced Bell 212 airframe structure

- Easier inspections & lower direct operating cost

The Eagle Single aircraft is currently certified to operate under a Canadian, FAA, Australian, Chilean and Peruvian STC. Year to date there have been 12 Eagle Singles built to date with over 12,000 hrs across the fleet. Three of the Eagle Singles are currently operating within the Eagle Copters lease fleet. Eagle Copters engineering team is in the process of obtaining EASA certification.

Eagle Single Brochure