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See how we convert a Bell 407 to the Eagle 407HP, from our HQ in Australia.  

Eagle Australasia are proud to have recently delivered their second 407HP conversion to Allway Logistics - the seventeenth conversion for Eagle Worldwide. 

The aircraft will be operated by Heli SGI in one of the most challenging environments in the world for helicopters...

August 28, 2017

First delivered in 2015, the Eagle 407HP is enabling operators in the United States, Canada and the South Pacific to fly longer, further and higher. It also allows them to carry more people and payload with greater reliability and lower costs than they could with their...

May 30, 2017

Eagle recently celebrated its 10th conversion of a 407HP for Heli Niugini in March. With nine conversions completed in Canada, this recent conversion was the first for the Australasia arm of the company.

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