Fly. Let us do the rest.

From routine maintenance to the most extensive overhauls, our global network of customer service representatives, engineers and mechanics can ensure that your fleet is in perfect operating condition so you can focus on your mission.

Maintenance Facility Capabilities

Eagle's facility in Calgary is well-equipped to complete your helicopter maintenance. Our team specializes in: 

  • Maintenance: Aircraft Maintenance, Inspections & Refurbishment

  • Structures: Fixture Manufacturing, Tooling, Structures Repair & Modification

  • Avionics: Repair & Upgrade

  • Logistics: Part Sales, Shipping & Sourcing

  • Engineering

  • Repair & Overhaul: Engine, Component, Fuel, Machining & Welding

  • Minister Delegate: Aircraft Import & Export



At Eagle Customization we can take an OEM model helicopter and transform it into a one of a kind. Mission specialties include law enforcement, search and rescue, offshore transport, fire-fighting and executive transport.
The customization capabilities that Eagle offers are extensive, including:

  • Painting

  • Avionics

  • Interior refurbishment

  • Modifications & Upgrades



Eagle is well-equipped to support you in all aspects of aviation tooling for your Bell Helicopter fixtures. From engineering to tool design, fabrication, machining, welding and inspection, our team’s innovative spirit and cost-effective solutions are unmatched. We are also capable of working with you to develop any Supplemental Type Certificates (STC). 


Our Eagle Structures department is a Platinum Bell Helicopter Facility, specializing in both sheet metal and composite repairs and upgrades for aircraft including the Bell 204, 205, 206, 212, 212B, and 412. 

Our additional capabilities include:

  • Full Capability on Metal, Composite & Tubular Structures

  • STC Design and Manufacturing

  • Modifications and Upgrades

  • Fixture Design, Fabrication and Consulting

  • Accident Repairs and Rebuilds

  • Complete Airframe Inspections

  • Main and Tail Rotor Blade Repair



Our team of specialists will work closely with you to recommend the best possible avionics equipment to suit your mission and budget. From complete airframe wire harness repairs to custom VFR/IFR avionics package retrofits, Eagle will ensure you meet all of your local Airworthiness regulations. Plus, with an extensive list of equipment, in-house engineering, maintenance, structural, and paint capabilities you get the convenience of working with a team that can handle the intricacies of an avionics install in one location. 


We install fully-integrated equipment including MFD’s, PFD’s, ADS-B Transponders, HTAWS, TCAS, Autopilot, as well as mission-specific Avionics.  

We sell, install and maintain for the industry’s top avionics suppliers, including: 



Eagle provides full repair, overhaul, exchange and inspection requirements on all Bell components and drive train.

204 Series







Repair & Overhaul 

Ozark Aeroworks (Springfield, MO) is Eagle's T53 engine maintenance, repair, and overhaul facility with the knowledge, capability, and drive to provide customers with the solution.

  • T53 Series Engine Overhaul

  • Fuel Control + Governor

  • Parts Support

  • Fixed Price Maintenance Program

  • Field Service

  • Other In-House Services

OzarkAeroworks red reverse.png


Located next to our Calgary maintenance shop, our full-service paint facility can handle any size paint job, from minor touch-ups to the most complex paint schemes using advanced color-matching technology. With three booths ranging from 140 square feet for small part touch-ups, to a 950 square foot booth large enough to accommodate full aircraft such as the AW139 or Sikorski S76.

The large and small-sized booths are crossflow and the other one is semi downdraft. All our booths have timed temperature control to reduce drying times. 

We are also committed to environmentally-friendly refinishing technologies including advanced plastic media blasting processes in a specialized bay, UniRam solvent recycler (reducing paint waste), eco-friendly paint stripper, and a brand new Global Finishing Solutions booth with the United States Environmental Protection Agency Certification.



Eagle’s design and engineering team of aerospace, avionics, and mechanical engineers work closely with the aircraft maintenance and manufacturing teams to design, build, install and certify innovative and practical solutions.


Our aircraft certification team currently maintains over 70 STC’s with more than 150 approvals in 10 regulatory jurisdictions such as Canada, US, Europe, China, Mexico, Indonesia, Australia, Chile, Peru, Japan, and Brazil. Between Eagle and partner certification teams, we can design and certify a wide array of aircraft modifications in practically any Airworthiness Jurisdiction in the world including EASA, TCCA, FAA, and others.


  • STC approval capability

  • All-in-One design services: Design, Certification, and Installation

  • 50+ years of Design and Certification experience

  • Design & modification experience across a variety of platforms

  • Designs focused on expanding operational capability and extending the longevity and value of aircraft


Minister Delegate

We currently have two Minister Delegate Maintenance (MD-M’s) on staff. Our MDM Delegation covers the issuing of Certificates of Airworthiness and Export Airworthiness Certificates for both Normal and Transport Category rotorcraft Part 527 and 529. The MD-M program was established by Transport Canada to provide the aviation industry with a mechanism that allows qualified individuals, other than Civil Aviation Safety Inspectors the ability to act on behalf of the Minister of Transport.

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