Second Eagle 407HP conversion completed in Australia

Eagle Australasia are proud to have recently delivered their second 407HP conversion to Allway Logistics - the seventeenth conversion for Eagle Worldwide.

The aircraft will be operated by Heli SGI in one of the most challenging environments in the world for helicopters - the steamy mountains of West Papua, Indonesia. With two 407HPs already operating in the hot, humid and high conditions of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, the team at Heli SGI are eager to benefit from the aircraft's proven capabilities in the challenging environment.

The 407HPs performance speaks for itself - when put to work on a drilling exploration contract in Papua New Guinea the aircraft returned a 30 to 50 percent net increase across all loads with which it was tasked. As well as lifting heavier loads, the 407HP could carry more fuel than a standard 407 when burdened with a similar load, and close to double the load of a standard 407 at 11,300 feet (with a density altitude of 13,000 feet).

This enhanced performance is by virtue of a conversion in which Eagle replace the standard Bell 407 Rolls Royce C47 turbine engine with a next-generation Honeywell HTS900 turboshaft, substantially improving the high-altitude and hot ambient performance of the standard 407.

With three Eagle 407HPs now outperforming comparable aircraft in the region, expect to see more of them in the skies around the Asia Pacific as interest in this proven performer builds.