Eagle Copters 407HP Receives FAA Approval for IBF

The Federal Aviation Administration has approved a modification to the Eagle 407HP helicopter engine that will help operators tackle a wider range of missions under challenging flying conditions. The addition of the inlet barrier filter (IBF) will offer another level of protection for the Honeywell HTS900 engine that powers the Eagle 407HP.

“The IBF will enable law enforcement, fire suppression and other missions by shielding the engine from ingesting sand and other particulates,” according to Honeywell’s Rick Angelo, Marketing Director for Commercial Helicopters.

“This is a major achievement for the Eagle Copters-Honeywell Aerospace partnership,” he said. “With the certification of a highly effective IBF, Eagle Copters can offer the reliability and performance of the Honeywell-powered 407HP to operators who have a broader range of mission requirements. The new IBF design exceeds the performance capabilities of prior certified systems with more filter area, multiple flow paths and a far less complicated bypass system.”

“This is certainly an important milestone for the maturing Eagle 407HP program,” added Stephane Arsenault, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Eagle Copters Ltd. “Operators have been looking forward to this feature since the inception of the program and by providing this level of engine protection, the Eagle 407HP will continue to expand into both new para-public and traditional general utility helicopter markets.”

The design for the 407HP encompasses various inlet configurations that could be received with customer’s helicopters. The IBF was optimized for the Honeywell engine installation while accommodating previous inlet modifications.

The Eagle 407HP is a Bell 407 helicopter powered by the Honeywell HTS900 engine. The HTS900 engine enables 22 percent more shaft horsepower, 19 percent greater payload, lower engine direct maintenance costs, lower fuel burn and the safety of a dual channel Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) system.

Learn how the HTS900 engine can make a difference in your missions by using the Eagle Copters’ Comparative tool for the Eagle 407HP.