Eagle Copters Completes Upgrades on New Edmonton Police Air 1 Helicopter

Edmonton Police accepting delivery with Eagle Team

The Edmonton Police Service Flight Operations Unit (EPS) has officially unveiled its new state-of-the-art Airbus H125 helicopter. Known as Air 1, the new helicopter is equipped with the latest technology, including avionics and mission system upgrades installed by Eagle Copters.

“With the continued growth of the city, the mobility of criminals across the region, and the need for greater public and officer safety, a new helicopter with enhanced capability is required,” said Greg Preston, Acting Police Chief. “Because the new Air 1 is better, stronger, and faster than our previous helicopters, we can provide a greater level of safety and support across the city.”

EPS cockpit featuring Eagle Audio and Avionics upgrade package

In addition to the installation of the latest avionics and mission equipment, EPS upgraded to the Eagle Audio P132 Electrical Console and P139-HD Digital Audio System. Luba Jovicic, Avionics Manager at Eagle explains that “the Eagle Audio system has been extremely popular with law enforcement, EMS, and government agencies worldwide for its leading-edge multicast and bi-directional repeater technology. It’s Night Vision compatibility, and the ability to support up to 30 transceivers and 18 headsets, makes it versatile for any application.”

The P139 Generation II Digital Audio System builds on Eagle Audio’s (formerly Geneva Aviation) proven track record in Airborne Law Enforcement and Public Safety completions. The Edmonton Police Service Air 1 upgrade was completed entirely in-house at Eagle’s Canadian headquarters in Calgary.

“Upgrading aircraft like the Air 1 is a passion for us at Eagle and the three months that we spent with the Edmonton Police Service gave our team the opportunity to show how versatile we can be with these types of completions,” says Wesley Semeniuk, Customer Support Manager. “We take this work with public safety organizations extremely seriously, knowing that the work we do better protects our families and communities.”

Eagle was proud to attend the official unveiling of Air 1 this February. Jason Kielau, Eagle’s Vice President, Sales & Marketing, noted, “Edmonton Police Service has been a leader in Airborne Law Enforcement for over 15 years. We sincerely appreciate EPS for choosing Eagle to upgrade their avionics and mission systems and are looking forward to similarly equipping their EC120 this spring”

Eagle Copters upgrades on the EPS H125 includes:

Eagle Audio Products

· P139-HD Digital Audio System

· P132 Switch Console and Electrical Upgrade

Avionics Package

· Garmin - G500H System

· Garmin Traffic Advisory System - GTS 800

· Garmin Radar Altimeter system - GRA 5500

· L3 Standby Indicator Trilogy ESI-2000

· Dual Technisonic TDFM 9100 Radios

Mission Equipment

· L3 Wescam MX-10 Camera System

· Churchill Navigation Mission Management System

· HD Microwave Downlink System

· 17.3 Avalex Display

· Trakka Beam Search light

· Airbus Law Enforcement Instrument Panel