Eagle Copters and ECN Aviation working together

Eagle Copters is promoting the 407HP’s hot and high performance for air medical transport providers at the Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC) Oct. 22 to 24 in Phoenix, Arizona.

CALGARY, AB, January 3rd, 2019 - Eagle Copters announced officially its partnership with ECN Aviation on the relocation of eight (8) Great Slave Helicopter assets from Canada’s arctic & sub-arctic regions to Calgary, AB. As part of this partnership, the helicopters are being stored, maintained and secured in Eagle’s new hangar inside Okotoks, Alberta by its team.

To further enhance the value of these helicopter assets, Eagle is announcing a showcasing campaign. With this new idea current and potential customers can participate visiting the helicopters, reviewing records and putting a negotiation in place. Helicopters are currently available for viewing.

“We were pleased with the level of service and logistics management plan demonstrated by Eagle Copters. These helicopter assets were relocated ahead of schedule and in a safe and effective manner.” remarks Jerrod Everett, Vice President of ECN Aviation Finance. Eagle is looking forward to working with ECN in this new project and increase future businesses together.

For more information https://www.eaglecopters.com/sales-leasing

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