A Pilot's Perspective

Soeren Sauer, Pilot for Helicopter Express

Born and raised in Germany, upon finishing High School, Soeren made his way to Austria where he joined a paragliding company, taking on a role as a tour guide and instructor. After taking on that role for a couple years, he decided to make his way to the Pacific NW to start his helicopter flight training. An avid aviator, Soeren took his first official role with Hillsboro Aviation in Hillsboro, Oregon. While at Hillsboro, Soeren worked as an instructor, and flew many mission types including survey work, film and photography, construction, fire fighting, and tree harvesting. Splitting that work up between both the B206 and B407 series helicopters. After 8 years with Hillsboro, Soeren was hired on by Helicopter Express and now gets to operate the Eagle 407HP, gaining his part-135 instructor compliance this Spring. The role fit him perfectly as he has over 7 years of experience with the 407 airframes. When not in the air you will find Soeren out skiing, traveling, and exploring the PNW [Pacific Northwest].

What do you enjoy about the 407HP? – “The most enjoyable part of the 407HP for me as a pilot has got to be the increased safety factor. The HTS900 engine allows for the 407HP, when compared to the standard 407 airframe, to increase the operators ability to sling heavy loads at high altitudes without loss of performance or payload capability. With the performance increase the pilots also got back a great safety margin that makes the aircraft more enjoyable to fly, putting the pilot at ease knowing they’ve got that increased safety margin. Something I noticed first hand while on a fire assignment in Colorado in 2018.”

What would you tell an operator who is thinking about getting a 407HP? – “The luxury of the Bell 407 airframe, that is already very utility friendly, combined with the high-altitude performance, and safety margin of the 407HP makes it a great choice compared to other Type 3 helicopters.”


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