Mel O'Reilly awarded at HAC 2019!

The past Saturday, Nov 16th at HAC 2019, Mel O'Reilly, founder, and owner of Eagle Copters Ltd., was awarded the Carl Agar & Alf Stringe Award.

Our dearest owner - Mel, received this well-deserved award after a history of over forty (40) years with Eagle Copters. Historically specializing in Bell medium utility helicopters and headquartered in Calgary, Canada, Eagle has been providing complete fleet management support to operators since 1975. Since then, Eagle has cultivated an international network of affiliates within North America, South America, and Australia.

Sometimes "Bringing the Industry Together" means taking a moment to pay tribute to our own. - HAC 2019.

The Carl Agar & Alf Stringer honors distinguished pioneers within the Aviation industry. The HAC Board of Directors will, therefore, from time to time, bestow this Award, upon individuals having made an outstanding contribution to the Canadian Helicopter Industry.

Congratulations to Mel and thanks for starting this work-family we all belong to - Eagle's Family!!


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