Eagle’s 45th Birthday – A Look Back…

Eagle started in April of 1975, and at that time Mel O’Reilly was 39, and Mike O’Reilly was 12, soon to finish grade 6. Operations began in and around the late 70’s at 1045 McTavish Rd. NE. The building that is now located pretty much right across the street from what was originally Lift Air Helicopters, 1060 McTavish Rd. NE, our current Structures facility.

Over the next 8 years Eagle (owned by Mel O’Reilly and Russ Shand) acquired 6 Alouette II helicopters, and finally added a Bell 204B, S/N 2061 C-GBHB, in 1984. Mel bought out his partner Russ Shand in March of 1988 and at the same time Mike moved from an AME working on the shop floor upstairs to the offices. Initially his first task was to go shopping for more respectable clothing required for office life.

Here we are today, 45 years later, there have been plenty of ups and downs but all in all and given the chance to start again, neither Mel or Mike would ever consider doing anything different. Its been one heck of a great ride.

Eagle would like to thank their dedicated teams of employees who keep each department running smoothly and are always there for our customers. We wouldn’t be where we are today without all of them.


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