Eagle Copters Ltd. Supporting Airbus with their Law Enforcement Missions

CALGARY, September 2020 - Eagle Copters Ltd. is proud of the recent success in supplying Airbus with our highly versatile audio system and electrical consoles as a natural fit for special mission operations and law enforcement. Eagle Copters is certain that both the Eagle Audio System (P139-HD) and the Avionics Switch Console (P132) will surpass all mission expectations for the 16 H125 helicopters supplied to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

“We are excited to work with Airbus on these highly technical projects. Our level of customization allows us to manufacture these products to fit the needs of each customer, provide industry-leading quality while still offering a generous warranty package” said Brad Martin Director of Supply Chain and Manufacturing.

Geneva’s Audio System was rebranded as Eagle Audio in 2012. Since then, Eagle Copters has made great strides to expand the P139-HD from Electronic News Gathering Aircraft, to Airborne Law Enforcement, EMS and other special missions, while ramping up production without compromising on reliability. As a completion center, Eagle’s team strives to provide solutions that benefit from seamless integration of all the latest and greatest technology.

Eagle’s P139-HD Digital Audio System is the piece that ties the communication systems together for a single point of control that is tailored specifically to the mission, through custom engraved buttons and a highly involved configuration process.

“This ensures that each bespoke Audio system only has the buttons required for that specific mission, without any distractions. After all, our slogan is ‘Everything you need, and nothing you don’t.’ said Chris Wehbe, Sales Manager.

Eagle Copters is looking forward to working and supporting more law enforcement and special mission businesses in the upcoming years, and excelling customers expectations.

For more information about Eagle and our Digital Audio System contact eagleaudio@eaglecopters.com or visit us at: https://www.eaglecopters.com/eagle-audio

About Eagle Copters

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