AEM acquires Eagle Audio

Press Release

Kelowna – Sept 2021. Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing (AEM) Corp., a global provider of specialty aviation solutions has announced the acquisition of Eagle Audio Systems, a division of Eagle Copters Ltd. (Eagle). The acquisition of the Calgary-based aircraft audio designer includes their flagship P139-HD digital audio system and custom avionics consoles for the AS350 / H125 aircraft, as well as dimmer power supplies, audio mixers and power converters. The terms of the transaction also include the transfer of the company’s FAA, EASA, ANAC and TCCA STCs on multiple airframes including the AS350, 355 Bell 204, 205, 206 212, 214, 412, EC135 and BK117 platforms.

Since acquiring the audio system from Geneva Aviation in 2013, Eagle Audio has developed their Generation II digital audio system to be one of the most capable systems in its class, supporting up to 18 headsets, 30 transceivers and 48 control panels. AEM is excited to take the reins. “The Eagle Audio assets fit well within AEM’s skillsets and capabilities, and we are looking forward to supporting the existing customer base while introducing the product line to our varied and diverse global customers,” said Tony Weller, director of sales and marketing at AEM. “This is a powerful, flexible digital audio system and our customers will benefit from AEM’s investment in further development and certification of the product suite.” He added, “We are looking forward to continuing the legacy of an industry-leading special mission digital audio system and complementary accessories, used by multiple high-profile operators in a variety of mission profiles.”

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