Eagle Copters Ltd. continues supporting AirLife Denver through the Eagle 407HP

CALGARY, April 15th, 2021 – AirLife Denver has long been an early adopter of technology and resources that prove to benefit patients and their programs. They became the first air medical (HEMS) program to integrate the Eagle 407HP conversion in 2018 after partnering with Eagle Copters Ltd. to increase their fleet of helicopters' performance and reliability. In 1997, AirLife Denver was the first HEMS operator to switch from the Bell 206 to the 407 platform. These events have positively impacted their program's safety and patient outcomes for the communities they serve.

The Eagle 407HP engine conversion has given AirLife Denver increased power margins resulting in higher payload capacities, fuel efficiencies, and ultimate performance in hot and high conditions. The proven airframe of the Bell 407 combined with the higher horsepower Honeywell HTS900 engine has made this possible, which allows for best-in-class performance and power margins, giving operators distinct advantages.

"It gives us at AirLife Denver the ability to work in these challenging environments and the reassurance that we have the engine performance to conduct our patient transports in a safe and reliable envelope," said Brian Leonard, Director – Business Operations, AirLife Denver.

The proven technology of the Eagle 407HP, well known in the utility market, continues to make strides into the HEMS market.

"The addition of this third Eagle 407HP will complement our currently existing two 407HP platforms by adding increased performance in our Cheyenne, Wyoming service area. The environment and geography in this area lend themselves very well to benefit from the 407HP engine's improved performance," said Leonard.
"We are thankful for AirLife Denver and appreciate their continued support. They have demonstrated the advantages of the 407HP conversion from early in the HEMS market segment and recognize it as a differentiator to their business" said Mike O'Reilly, President and CEO, Eagle Copters Ltd.

Eagle Copters Ltd. takes pride in supporting the air medical community through the 407HP program, creating a positive impact for the medical/trauma patients and front-line workers' safety at all times. It is a pleasure working with AirLife Denver, and Eagle looks forward to the continued support of the 407HP program in the HEMS market.

AirLife Denver partners with Air Methods Corporation as their FAA Part 135 operator.