Jason Diniz

Jason is passionate about everything related to Aviation, and in his words, “working at Eagle is living my dream each day.” Hailing from Mumbai, India, he watched helicopters launch from Juhu Aerodrome and the fixed-wing aircraft traffic out of Mumbai International Airport – aviation became a passion from a very young age. Jason wanted to become a pilot and even started flight school, but aviation was facing significant headwinds at the time. He instead completed his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in the US, and worked for a few global organizations in the USA and Canada, mainly in the Manufacturing and Mining sectors. In 2019, Jason joined Eagle as the VP of Sales & Marketing. This role allowed him to manage and develop a centralized strategy across all sales channels and business lines. After a year, he pursued other mining opportunities, but his passion for aviation and Eagle was alive and well all along. After two years, he is now back at Eagle Copters and focused on doing what’s best for stakeholders, customers, and the industry at large.